White Bear Lake Records

We BUY and SELL vinyl records, music stuff and quality stereo gear.

We offer vinyl concierge services to shop an ever-changing selection of used and select new records, tested vintage stereo gear, CDs, cassettes, books, DVD, VHS, and accessories.

→ phone 651.224.4947 ←

→ Hours ←

  • Monday 12noon-6pm (Drew)
  • Tuesday 12noon-6pm (Drew)
  • Wednesday 12noon-6pm (Chris)
  • Thursday 12noon-6pm (Chris)
  • Friday 12noon-6pm (Tom)
  • Saturday 11am-4pm (Tom)
  • Sunday 11am-4pm (wildcard)

→ Vinyl Concierge Service ←

We now offer a “vinyl concierge” service! Here's how it works:

  1. Contact us:
  2. let us know what you’re looking for and a good time to talk, then...
  3. we head over to the record store, and
    • call you back (phone, FaceTime, Signal, etc)
    • let you know what titles we have
    • give you an honest evaluation of each record’s condition and price
    • you decide what you want and we make a deal
  4. you pay by credit card, paypal or Venmo (use the button below)
  5. we ship to you by mail. FREE SHIPPING for all orders over $25, $5 otherwise
  6. we may also be able to offer home delivery or local pickup nearby, depending on where you live.
We also have multiple online storefronts with thousands of titles beyond our store stock:

For curbside pickup orders, please pay in advance:

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Opened to the public in early 2013. Operating under new management as of October 2018.
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